Holyfold Scottish Folds

Folded and straight eared sweet kittens
A DNA tested & PKD Negative cattery
CFA or TICA registered CH lines

About Us


 My story started on July 5, 1997 when I received my first Scottish Fold kitten, who was named Delilah, from my husband as a pacifier to help me cope with the empty nest syndrome. From the minute I laid eyes on her I was hooked. Folded ears, large eyes, round heads, a Scottish Fold all the way.


Delilah was nice in every way possible, so I decided to step out and hit the feline show scene. Little did I know being a princess was all she wanted and shows were not for her. Despite that, I was still hooked; I began researching about the breed and started talking to other breeders. 


I soon found out that in order to be a breeder you must have a cattery name. Our name reflects the fact that we are Christians and God commands us to do everything with Him in mind; even the breeding, showing, and selling of these kittens. My desire is for God to receive the glory in this hobby, for these kittens are truly a blessing to us all.


Currently, I have a small cattery in the very heart of the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee. My Holyfold cattery is large, clean, and detached from my own home. My kittens (and their mothers) are separated from adult cats until they are fully weaned and vaccinated; this process keeps my kittens happy and healthy. I am easily accessible from Atlanta, Chattanooga, or Knoxville.


I am willing to work with, and have worked with, many new catteries in this country and across the world- I have breeders in Russia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Holyfold is willing to sell breeding cats to qualified breeders.


I use the "legal" out cross of the Scottish folds with the American and British Shorthairs as well as the ever-so-loving Scottish Straight in order to get the beautiful “Holyfold” look. British shorthair kittens and adults are available upon request from time to time. I am striving, as all reputable breeders are, to breed kittens that, not only fit the CFA and TICA breed standards, but are well adjusted socially around other cats, dogs, adults, and children.


I normally have kittens available throughout the year and have both long and shorthairs. All kittens leave my cattery neutered or spayed. My kittens have been wormed, given their first shots, and provided a veterinary health certificate and guarantee. I do not believe in or encourage declawing but, as a responsible pet owner, this choice is yours to make. I have a contract which I expect my pet owners to adhere to.


Come on in and take a look around! Whatever your fancy, we hope you find our site informative and worthy of your time. Feel free to call or e-mail us at any time.